Field Target Club

TRAC match – April 6, 2021

Wow, what a change the weather has made.  March was blustery and colder and…….”ZAP”, just like abruptly turning on a light switch, April is here along with warm spring weather.  We are starting a bit earlier, at 8:30, to avoid getting caught up in too warm of weather conditions.  Today, the sky was clear with distant wispy clouds, BRIGHT sunshine, temps in the upper 70’s at the start, and warming to 82 degrees F by the time we finished up.

The winds were milder as well.  Coming out of the east to southeast from 3 to 6 mph, gradually increasing to about 8 to 10 mph, then gradually decreasing.  There were even some “moments” of presumed stillness until you scoped downrange to watch the mirage.  It shimmered diagonally upward, then abruptly shifted sideways, frequently.  At about the halfway point, the wind picked up in velocity and came out of the southwest.  The NWS called for 5 – 15 mph winds with gusts to 20 mph.  Their forecast was close, but with that hillside to the north, the winds that come through BASF are anything but predictable, and shift around without warning.

We set up our usual 5 lanes, knowing that Gene was not going to be in attendance today.  Instead, we were surprised and glad to see Wayne R back in the saddle.  So, with 6 shooters, we paired up and battled the steel critters accordingly.

Old man Mike, something about Schmidt, Smitty, S%$#&*, or whoever he is, does something mythical and seems to always come out on top.  Maybe he is just one with the wind at BASF because he shot 40/40……again…..with his Thomas.  Regardless, it is good shooting.

Barry shot 34/40 with his Redwolf, and tied with…..

Mark, who also shot 34/40 with his TX200, complete with new 11.5 fpe mainspring.

Wayne M. shot 31/40 with his Brocock Sniper and was tied with……

Wayne R, also shooting 31/40 with his Daystate Huntsman.  Good to see him back shooting again.  He is supposed to be retired, but is back on flying status again for the upcoming wildland fire season.

Scott H shot 27/40 with his Marauder and was a bit frustrated by the 3:00 and 9:00 o’clock splits, due to the wind.  He was my shooting partner today and was OH, so close, so many times.

Always have to recognize these guys for jumping in to help set up and tear down.  With all of them doing their bit, the course goes up in no time, and is taken down and put away, just as quickly.  Can never thank you guys enough.  It is really appreciated.

We have to thank Scott H for bringing cupcakes, too!  His wife must have baked a bunch for their Easter gathering, and she sent along a plateful for us.  Scott, make sure you tell her we said “THANK YOU!” from the guys.

Afterward, half the crew went home while the other half reconvened at Wild Horse West for burgers.  With Swiss cheese and grilled onions, those things can be addictive!

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.