Field Target Club

TRAC match – July 27, 2021

Wow, with all the rain we had last week and weekend, today’s match was very enjoyable.  Temperatures at the start were only 81 degrees and warmed to 94 degrees and the humidity was 61% but dropped dramatically during the match.  The skies were blue, not too bright, but hazy, and cloud cover was distant and  sparse.  The wind played games with us….as usual.  It was between 3 and 8 mph initially out of the NE, then North.  About mid-match if shifted abruptly and came out the south, then just as abruptly at the end of the match it was blowing pretty good out of the east.  It was variable and buffeting constantly, then dropped to almost nothing the next moment.  Fun stuff to play with.

Seven guys shooting today, which was good to see.  Mike and Wayne got there early and were soon joined by the other guys and set up 6 lanes / 2 targets per / no shift at halftime (the wind did that for us) / 48 shot match.

Mike and Barry were paired today – Mike shot 46/48 and Barry shot 40/48.

Wayne and Scott were paired today with both guys shooting 42/48.  Both shot their Bantam Snipers.

Mark and Joe were paired today with both shooting springers.  Mark had 37/48 and Joe had 28/48.  Both guys missed their last 4 shots due to that east wind and small targets.

Larry was odd man out, shooting by himself and scoring 44/48 for 2nd seed.  He followed the springer guys and was apparently learning how it’s done (LOL!)

Last match for July.  After querying the guys, they want to continue the Tuesday shoots, so August will be requested.  Only taking it a month at a time, but this activity appears to be quite popular, so we will continue.  It is either the shooting or the burgers afterwards that is the draw.  All participated today.

If you are retired and looking to get out of the house on Tuesday mornings, come join us on the pistol silhouette range at BASF.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.