Field Target Club

Arizona State Field Target Championships


AAFTA Grand Prix

September 16, 17, 18, 2022 - Mormon Lake, AZ

Airgunners of Arizona was established in September, 1992.  Yes, the Club celebrated 30 years of shooting AAFTA field target competition at this year's State Championship on September 16, 17, & 18, 2022!   To help us celebrate we had 11 Pistol and 35 Rifle shooters from 5 states. To commemorate the event all the shooters received a bug repellent Boonie hat with the Club logo on the front and “30 Year Anniversary” embroidered on the back.

          We couldn't have asked for better temperatures! We started with temps in the mid-40s and afternoon temperatures were around 70 degrees. Humidity hovered around a dry 50% plus/minus. The wind was very mild on Friday and Saturday, averaging around 4.5 mph when there was any breeze at all. Sunday all that changed. Winds averaged 8.1 mph with gusts up to 22 mph and they were very unpredictable.         

The Pistol course, which was shot on Friday afternoon, was a Troyer Rating of 30.38. Targets consisted of various animals and geometric shapes specifically designed for pistol shooting (Bill C. 12 max). I got to shoot with Arizona Pistol Match Champion Steve M. who only missed 3 of his Standing Lane targets. Steve Q. finished a close Second with Cole R. coming in Third. Scores were close among all the Pistol Shooters except yours truly finishing last.

A special thank you to Barry D. for volunteering to be the Match Director for the pistol match! Our thanks to several others who helped set-up and trim all of the grass and weeds on the lanes! As a result of their hard work there were no “cold” lines or “protested” targets. Great job everyone!

A big thank you goes out to both Mary Ann and Wayne for taking care of registration, lunch, and photographic duties.  We are indebted to you!

There are many people to say “THANK YOU” to for their efforts! First is our primary Match Sponsor AIRGUNS OF ARIZONA. They provided several items for our annual fund-raising raffle which was a great success.

I also want to offer my thanks to the many volunteers who help set up the rifle courses and sighting-in range. Without them it would not have been possible to provide the enjoyable, high-quality event that everyone enjoyed.

Humbly submitted,

Larry Piercy         

President / Match Director, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.

Saturday morning was the beginning of the Rifle match. There were 2 courses set-up; a Red course and a White course, each consisting of 10 lanes with 3 targets/lane except the Kneeling and Standing lanes on each course, which had 2 targets/lane for a total of 56 shots/course and 112 shots for the two-day match. The Red course was a combination of open field and forest. The White course was open forest. Several of the targets on both courses were placed in the shadows making them very difficult to range with high powered scopes. The Red course had a Troyer Difficulty Factor of 31.18 and the White was 31.19.

          After sighting-in and a Shooter's Safety/Orientation meeting, lane assignments were distributed and amazingly we only started 15 minutes late.  All of the Hunter class shooters were assigned to lanes on the White course on Saturday and everyone else shot the Red course.  On Sunday all the shooters got to shoot the opposite course so they were able to enjoy the full experience.

          After all of the score cards were turned in on Sunday, we had 2 targets on the White course protested because they were not visible for a couple of WFTF shooters. As the Match Director I reviewed both targets and agreed that the they were not visible from the competitor's legal shooting positions so both targets were removed from everyone's score lowering the total number of shots from 112 to 108 for the match. 

         Here are the results and competitors’ equipment details: