TRAC match – April 13, 2021

Six shooters today under clear, but somewhat (distant) hazy skies, BRIGHT sunshine and temps in the low 70’s at the start of the match and warming to the low 80’s by the end.  The sun was warm, but the “breeze” kept things comfortable….unless you were shooting at that moment.  The “breeze” amounted to almost a 5 mph wind during the first half and increasing to 5 – 10 mph in the second half, along with sudden gusts, mostly out of the SW.  The NWS called for 5 – 10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph, so they weren’t far off. 

We like using the NWS forecast to determine how to best set up a match, but Gene seems to have other ideas.  He really like those tiny 3/8” KZ’s.  Well, today, he got caught missing THREE of the ½” KZ’s and then had the nerve to complain about them.  What a nuisance he has become….LOL!!

And guess what?  LARRY was back today!  He has been gone so long, galivanting around the country, that we almost didn’t recognize him, but were glad to see him nonetheless.

As for scores today……well, old man Mike shot yet another 40/40 using his Thomas.  What an annoyance he has become, also.  He and Gene always want to shoot together.  We can’t always hear Mike, but we can certainly hear Gene.  Rabblerousing with each other seems to always but a smile on everyone’s face, and these two can be relentless.

Next in line was Mark, who drug out his RAW TM1000 and shot 36/40 and tied with…..

Barry, shooting his Redwolf, also with 36/40.  These guys tied last week, also.

Gene – 35/40, and shooting his Redwolf.

Larry – 34/40, and shooting his Daystate Grand Prix

Scott – 30/40, and shooting his .22 cal Marauder

It was a good match, with the usual 5 lanes / 2 targets per / with lane #1 designated as offhand.  The near offhand target had a bit of malfunction, but was remedied by tightening the faceplate bolts.  Otherwise, the targets were set to be challenging.

Targets collected and put away, scores announced, and the usual reconvening at Wild Horse West for their addictively juicy burgers, followed an enjoyable morning of field target.

If any of you guys are available on Tuesday’s, you don’t need an engraved invitation to join us.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman
Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.

Field Target Club