Field Target Club

Tuesday May 26, 2020 TRAC match at BASF Rifle Silhouette range – Phoenix, AZ

This is the last TRAC match for May, and we shot from under the canopy this morning.  The temps were high 70’s at set up, but warmed to the high 80’s so we decided to shoot from shade.  Our usual 5 lanes/2 targets per/shoot thru once/move targets/shoot thru second time/40 shot match was set up and we got started shooting at 9:00.  We finished up shooting, collected targets and set up gear by 11:15.

We had 7 shooters today; the usual suspects along with Van Tucker and his daughter, Valerie, from Rio Salado gun club/Phoenix Airguns.  After shooting in Saturday’s match, it seems Valerie is HOOKED on field target.  Of course we collectively had to give Van “the business” to get his daughter her own equipment.  She is shooting well for a beginner!

Old Man Mike (Thomas) once again was top dog with a 38, followed by Barry (Red Wolf) with a 36, and followed by Van (Air Ranger) with a 34.  Valerie shared her dad’s gun and shot a 30.  Mark (TX200) also shot 30 with Larry (Diana 56) close on his heels with 27, and Ben (Red Wolf) shooting a 23 and attempting to get a stable position in Open PCP class.

The wind today was forecast to be 5-10 mph out of the southeast, but was reasonably mild and teased us by switching back and forth from out right shoulder to left shoulder, rinse and repeat constantly.  Shooting from under the canopy did give a false read on the actual wind due to the venturi effect.  You could definitely hear the roof panels vibrating and sounding like a distant electric generator.  Regardless, we had a good time.

There is some interest by a few of the shooters to continue this thru June, or maybe beyond.  Email me with your interest so we can determine if the numbers justify doing this.  If we get 6 or more, it may be worthwhile.

Take care, be safe, stay healthy.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.