TRAC match – June 22, 2021

First day of summer and half the state is on fire….it seems.  Word from Miss Moneypenny (Mary Ann) states that it is hot and windy in Flagstaff area and ash is falling from the sky, and it is very scary.  The Raphael fire is burning 35 miles away and the prevailing winds are carrying that ash.  It is almost a good thing that the monthly match is canceled.  We do not want to put our members in harms way.

At the pistol silhouette range today, the skies were partly cloudy and not overly bright.  Temperatures were 89 during setup and rose to 98 degrees at end of match.  Relative humidity dropped from 34% down to 22%.  Winds started at 8 mph from south, dropped to 6 mph from SSE, then back to 8 mph from SSE, and finished at end of match coming primarily from SW at 12 mph, and with only minor gusting throughout.  As usual, it kept moving around……just to annoy us.

Old man Mike shot 40/40 with his Thomas (he’s sounding like a broken record)

Barry shot 38/40 with his Redwolf

Scott shot a great 37/40 with his Brocock sniper

Larry shot 35/40 with his CR-X (.20 cal)

Mark shot 32/40 with his D54 (12 fpe springer)

We set up 5 lanes / 2 targets per/ shoot through twice / 40 shot match / one person per lane.  Started just before 0900 and finished just before 1100.  Targets and related gear were collected, put back in storage, and then the group reconvened at Wild Horse West for burgers.

It was a good day.  Next week, meet at 0800 at Rifle silhouette range.  The four Tuesdays in July were requested for the pistol silhouette range.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.

Field Target Club