Field Target Club

TRAC match – August 25, 2020

Warm, muggy, and windy today.  Guys were complaining to me because they thought I had something to do with ordering it.  It was coming at us from 12:00 and consistent at between 4 and 5 mph.  About halfway through the match it shifted to 3:00 and was blowing east to west, but consistent.  That made it easier to figure out.  Then it started to peter out and become variable in intensity.  That is what drives you nuts, trying to figure where to hold and when to break the trigger, only to find the wind changing.  Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!

Five guys today, plus a potential who came to watch.  That would be Roger, a friend of Gene’s.  Larry could not make it due to family in town, Nathan did not make it, and Bill called at the beginning of the match to say he was up until 2:00 watching TV.  Oh, well…..  Nice to be retired, huh?

We set up 6 lanes in anticipation of more, but with 5 of us, we shot them all, shifted targets halfway through, then shot them again for a 48-shot match.  We were still finished by 10:30. Only the steel critters were out today.  The lizards were not doing their thing, and there were no birds either like last week.  Last week there were 9 birds having a track meet back and forth across the range between 30 and 35 yards.  Never saw that before, but it looked like an organized event that they did not inform us about.

Old man Mike proved he was human by taking the top spot again but with 47/48 with his trusty Thomas.  Ben and yours truly tied with 43/48 with Ben shooting his Red Wolf, and me resurrecting Miss Diana and trying different pellets.  Apparently, she likes this batch of pellets, so I will continue to experiment with them.

Barry shot 42/48 with his new Brocock Concept, and Gene keeps improving weekly with his Red Wolf by shooting 39/48.  You can tell he is becoming hard core because he showed up early with a slow leak in his tire due to a nail.  Left to get it fixed, and found nothing open yet.  Filled it with air and came back and shot the match and basically said the hell with the tire.  He fits right in, doesn’t he?

This is the last match for August, but the range was reserved for the 5 Tuesday’s in September (Can you believe it is Sept already???), but still have to wait to see if they are approved.  They probably will be, but who knows?

Plenty of opportunity for those who want to join us.  If you have the time, desire, and your wife’s permission, come on out, or bring her along!  Speaking of which, this week, both Mike and Gene got “to go” burgers for their wives.  Such nice guys!

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.