TRAC match – August 11, 2020

Three shooters today with mostly cloudy skies, although we did have periods of bright sunshine until the clouds covered again.  Temps at start time were about 85 degrees with a slight breeze.  It warmed to 89 degrees by the end of the match at 10:00.  Although the breeze was subtle, we notice that all the hits on the paddles were on the far-left side.  The “breeze” was moving east to west and we were shooting north.  We could not discern any wind, but it was definitely moving.  One of those little things that goes overlooked until you direct your attention to it.  Just another of the reasons why we shoot on Tuesdays.  We learn something, then pass that info on to those who cannot make it for future reference.

Old man Mike was top gun once again with a 40/40 and claiming his Thomas shoots 30 fpe with a 25-grain pellet!  If any of you have seen the damage on the target paddles, now you know….LOL.  Larry was shooting his Tsar and shot 38/40 and your truly pulled out his RAW TM1000 and shot 35/40.  Felt good; I hadn’t shot that gun in a couple of years.  Gotta do that more often.

The only other things of any interest were that BASF had the local fire marshal out at the roadway and were flow testing the new fire hydrants.  Made a muddy mess but did not interfere with what we were doing.  The local dinosaurs (big lizards) were doing their thing by running back and forth while we were shooting and the local rabbits know they are not hunted.  They just sit there and look at you instead of bolting for cover.  Just a few simple observations for a few simple minds.  It is nice to be retired and able to sit and observe.

We did our usual burger thing at Wild Horse West.  We were in and out of there by 11:00 before their lunch crowd shows up.  They play old westerns on the TV while we ate.  Mike stated by the time we finished eating and drove home, it was time for a nap!

If any of you guys have time and want to join us, we have the place to ourselves.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.

Field Target Club