Field Target Club

TRAC match – November 10, 2020 – Marine Corps 245th Birthday

Today was the Marine Corps birthday.  Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day.  If you know either, or both, thank them.  We have plenty within the club and want to thank them for their service.  They always seem to get forgotten.  Thanks, Guys!

It is definitely fall weather.  Today during setup, it was 47 degrees and only warmed to 55 degrees at the end of the match.  Skies were pale blue with scattered clouds that cleared rapidly.  Must have been the wind that blew them out.  You think we would have gotten used to the wind by this time, but it surprises us each week.  Today it was 5 -10 mph coming from about 1:00 o’clock primarily.  It gusted from 15 – 20 frequently and swirled around us.  It was blowing hard enough that the targets were not going down when hit.  Larry hit a fairly close shot that took its good old time to finally drop, a couple of seconds maybe.  Scores were correspondingly low also.

It got so windy at one point that Gene’s golf bag/baby stroller thing started rolling off on its own.  It started rolling towards Mike, who was scoring for Gene.  Mike looked at it, watched it roll around behind him, then turn on its own accord and roll around to where Gene was shooting.  Mike ended up finally getting up to stop it but not before we were all in stitches laughing.  It was like it was being pushed by a ghost or something.  Gene didn’t even break stride.  Such concentration!

The wind chill seemed to make things colder for everyone except Larry.  Larry apparently doesn’t like to get cold.  He had on insulated clothing under his shirt, then a sweat shirt over that, then what looked like a parka over that, with his hood up!  Thick gloves with just the finger tips cut out.  He was warm, but could hardly move!  The rest of us just wore sweatshirts or flannel shirts.  Gotta remember that it isn’t summer any more.

Six shooters today.  We set up out beyond the berms with the typical 5 lanes / 2 targets per / you know the drill.  With the wind, we didn’t move the targets at half time.  We had more than a few out beyond 50 yards too.  Heck, even the closer targets were difficult trying to gauge the wind in order to knock down.

Old man Mike / Thomas / 37/40 but shooting 60 fpe (according to him) for topgun

Gene / Red Wolf / 31/40

Scott / Marauder / 29/40

Barry / Concept / 28/40

Mark / TX200 (12 fpe) / 27/40

Larry / Tsar / 18/40 (really had trouble with the wind)

Next week, we are planning on getting to the range by 8:30 instead of 7:30.  Hopefully, it will warm a bit more, and the wind may die down.  It didn’t today, but wishful thinking.  It’ll also give us another hour’s sleep.  Old guys like to sleep; it’s what we do.

Not sure where our winter visitors are, but if you’re in the area or plan on coming to AZ this winter, check in and let us know.  Same goes for you guys that live here and give excuses for not attending (Rick, Terry, etc.  you guys know who you are), come on out and have some fun now that it isn’t so hot anymore.

Monthly match coming up on the 3rd Saturday.  We will be on the pistol silhouette range for this month and next.

Respectfully submitted.

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.