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The word for the day = WIND.  Lots of it, too.  Everything else about today’s match could be considered perfect.  The sky was clear with bright sunshine and distant wispy clouds.  The temperature was 68 degrees at the start of the course set up and only rose to 75 degrees by the end of the match.  Quite comfortable, especially sitting under the shade canopy, out of the direct sunlight.  Yes, today the challenge was the wind.  It started at 8 mph out of the WSW and then gradually increased to 23 mph out of the SW at the end of the match.  The humidity also gradually decreased from 21% down to 11% during that same time frame.  We got the occasional gusts up to 31 mph, as well.  These numbers from the NWS, which forecast 5 – 15 mph with possible gusts to 30.  I would say the meteorologists got it right today.

Strangely, we had but 5 shooters.  We set 6 lanes / 2 targets each / shoot through once / move targets / shoot through again / 48 shot match.  We did not have to move targets at the halfway point.  The increased wind velocity took care of any added challenge.  Also, lane number One was designated as the forced position lane.  That was definitely a challenge.  The freshly painted targets are already in need of repainting before the next match.  Some look like they got hit by a shotgun.

Kent drove the couple hours from Flagstaff to escape the cold and windy conditions from the past few days up there, and took top honors today.  Also, Ben joined us for the first time in a long time.  With Covid restrictions loosening up, a number of folks had other family matters to attend to, and could not make todays shoot.  Our thoughts are with them, as well.

Here are the scores and equipment stats;

Next months match, with any luck, should be at Mormon Lake for the months between June and October.  I say, “with any luck”, because of how dry it is and the expected fire restrictions that may be encountered.  That info will be conveyed the closer we get to the dates and the amount of (hopefully) precipitation that falls.

Anyway, back to this month’s match…..

With 5 shooters and 6 lanes, we shot one to a lane and finished in good time.  Seems the guys were more interested in thick, juicy burgers with their names on them……..priorities……

Thanks to Scott for helping to set up and to Ben for arriving in time to finish match prep.  Thanks to all the guys for helping tear down and put everything away.  That is a big job, but when spread out amongst a bunch of folks, takes little time and effort to complete.  Thanks, guys.

Oh, also no pics this month.  Brought the camera along, but got caught up in shooting and overlooked the need to take any photos.  Sorry…..

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.

Airgunners of Arizona Match Report

Saturday, May 22, 2021 - Rifle Silhouette Range / BASF - Phoenix, AZ