Field Target Club

TRAC match – June 29, 2021

Well, we are still playing weather roulette.  NWS called for East winds 5-10 mph with a 50% chance of rain (emphasis on “chance”).  What we got was partly cloudy weather with high, wispy, cirrus clouds over a lower, heavier accumulation of cumulus clouds that gave us some shade.  It was otherwise bright, but not blindingly so.  The wind was prominent again this week, initially coming out of the east at 13 mph at 0800 and building to 15 mph with gusts of 22 mph out of the SSE.  At one point the wind must have swirled around the face of the mountain and came at us from the north for a short spurt.  Temps today, with the cloud cover were 89 degrees and increasing to 96 degrees with 30% humidity.  It is trying to rain, and we surely need it.

We had 7 guys this week!  Wayne is on the mend and came out to watch and work a bit with his gun on the sight-in range while the rest of us shot the match.  Bill drove over from Lake Havasu City to get some good numbers for his new Delta Wolf and shoot the match as well.

We set up 6 lanes / 2 targets each / shoot through twice / 48 shot match……the usual set up.  Each person grabs two blocks, two targets, and strings and positions them where he feels they should be.  It gets interesting with some of the distances as sometimes larger KZ’s are closer than expected and the small KZ’s tend to be a LOT farther than they should be.  Today was no exception, and the wind told the tale, especially with a ½” KZ with a 40+ Troyer rating, not counting the wind.  Fun stuff.  It also helps when the target is facing the shooting point, instead of off at some weird angle.  Even if I didn’t set them, I got blamed for it….LOL!

Mike shot 45/48 with, guess what? His Thomas.  Someday, someone is going to dethrone him….LOL

Barry was next in line with 41/48 with his Redwolf

Larry was right behind with 39/48 while shooting his .20 cal CR-X

Mark shot 36/48 with Miss Diana (D54) springer, and being the only shooter to get skunked on an entire lane, thanks to that goofy wind.

Bill shot 34/48 with his brand-new Delta Wolf.  Nice gun!

Scott scored 33/48 with his Brocock Sniper

Today was a fashion show of team colors as well, with Larry, Barry, Mike, and Bill touting the latest and greatest in shooting attire.  Nascar would be put to shame!

Today was also the last time shooting on the Rifle Silhouette range.  It has a new corporate name, that I cannot recall, but in essence has turned into a public range.  We will be shooting on the pistol silhouette range from here on out.  Also, the 2022 schedule has been approved at BASF and we will be reverting back to the third Saturday of each month.  Diminishing numbers and conflicting dates has prompted this move for our monthly matches.  We have also been juggled back and forth from R/S to P/S ranges, so it is easier to focus on one venue.  We will be back at the pistol silhouette range and away from the screwy winds that dominated the rifle silhouette range.  At least we have a place to shoot on Tuesdays, and we are loving the daylights out of that.  A bad day shooting trumps a good day at work…..LOL.  Retirement is a good thing.

Today’s set up started around 0800 and we were finished shooting on off site by 1100 and on our way to Wild Horse West for those burgers.  They are a great way to finish a good day of shooting.  This would be a good place to remind Gene that in a few short years (FIVE!) he can retire and rejoin our motley crew.  It is good to see our tax dollars at work….

Respectfully submitted (for the most part),

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.