TRAC match – October 6, 2020

It is the beginning of October and the weather is supposed to be getting nicer…..IT IS!  During set up and sight in the temps were in the upper 70’s and warmed to the mid-80’s by the time we finished.  The skies were blue with patchy clouds and the wind, light and variable, was coming out the south and moving to SSW; just enough to tweak your shots a little bit……and create a few words of …..acknowledgement.  Just ask Ben and Mike…..LOL!

We had 5 shooters today and 5 lanes.  We set our usual of 2 targets per lane, 2 shots at each, move targets at half-way point, and shoot it again for a 40-shot match.

A few choice comments were heard considering that Ben and Mike both missed only one shot each for a score of 39/40.  Great shooting that was spoiled by that one little shot thanks to the wind.  Barry and Gene also tied with 37/40 and were in the same boat.  Mark is used to this, shooting a 12 fpe spring gun, and experimenting again, only to finish with 29/40……..and a fun time was had by all! 

Seriously, though, this is a great way to practice, make adjustments and see how they work, or just come out for some trigger time.  With the weather destined to continue its trend to cooler temps from what we have endured this past summer, come on out and join our fun loving crew and their colorful comments…..LOL

As things are going, we will probably keep up this regimen year round, but will still only schedule a month at a time.  As a club member, you are welcome to join us whenever you can, so give it some thought.  You can always give us a holler if you have questions or concerns, and the practice is certainly beneficial.  Look what it is doing to the guys scores!  They might even learn how to read the wind…..LOL!

You also have the added benefit of being able to join us for great burgers afterwards at Wild Horse West before their lunch crowd shows up.

Respectfully submitted……somewhat.

Mark Kauffman
Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona

Field Target Club