TRAC match – February 9, 2021

This is hard to believe.  This is the second week in February, the middle of winter for most of the country, and here we are wearing tee shirts and enjoying 70-degree weather!  The temps started in the low 60’s, but was 72 by the end of the match.  We were once again shooting at Casa Crist under mostly cloudy skies with patches of sunshine, comfortable temps, and only mildly breezy.  Perfect conditions for shooting.

Gene set 5 lanes with lane one designated as a forced position lane.  First time around was shot offhand and second time around was shot kneeling.  The other four lanes were the usual Gene inspired long distances and small kill zones.  There were no clean scores, probably due to the swirling of the breeze inside the walled enclosure which makes up Gene’s backyard. The “breeze” was going right to left at the firing line and left to right at the target….most of the time.  Mike’s response to that was, “Just hold center”, which was why he shot a “Ben Spencer” by missing his very last shot.  Don’t know whether he got flustered, or what, but he wasn’t too happy about it.

There were 6 of us today, paired up into squads of 2, and moved through the lanes fairly quick.  You already know how devious Gene can be with target setting (must have taken lessons from Steve Montgomery), but the porcupine inside the chicken coop, set into the shadows, was just darn hard to see!  Good target placement throughout that challenged all of us.

Old Man Mike was high score shooting 39/40 with his Thomas.

Larry – 38/40 shooting his Tsar brought his A-game today and shot well.

Barry – 36/40 shot his Red Wolf

Gene – 35/40 also shot his Red Wolf and got caught by the breeze

Wayne – 31/40 shot well with his Brocock Sniper

Mark – 24/40 with his D54 and having a low/no energy day

We will be back at Casa Crist next week, but will start at 10:30 instead of 9:30 at Gene’s request.  If you are interested in shooting with us, get back to me and I will put you in contact with Gene so he can convey his address/directions.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.

Field Target Club