Field Target Club

TRAC match – September 29, 2020

What a beautiful day we had for shooting!  The sky was clear blue and cloudless, the temps were in the upper 70’s and humidity was very low.  The wind was even mild, to non-existent the first half of the match.  That would change a bit in the second half, particularly with the far targets where most of everyone’s misses took place.

With only 5 shooters, we set up 5 lanes and shot through, moved targets at that half-way mark, and shot through again.  Lane ONE both times was designated for off-hand and these targets were set between 12 and 28 yards.  With only one person per lane, we breezed through the course and were finished by 10:00 after starting at about 8:20.

Old man Mike (and today a year older) was top dog, shooting his Thomas for 38/40.  Hot on his heals was Ben (RedWolf) with 37/40.  Gene (RedWolf) keeps improving and shot 35/40.  Barry was shooting his Brocock Concept and shot 34/40.  Mark (also a year older today) shot his D54 springer and finished with 28/40.  The only one missing would have been Bobby, who also shares the same birthdate.  Between the 3 of us old farts, we are only a year apart in age.  With age being only a chronological measurement of time, we still have earned the right to be the age we are!

This marks the last TRAC match for September, and the four Tuesdays for October have been requested, but haven’t been approved yet.  We will let you know when they do, so consider joining us for a leisurely weekday match.

The burgers tasted particularly good today at Wild Horse West……

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.