Field Target Club

TRAC match – January 5, 2021

OH, Mercy!  We have problems, big problems!

Gene, the “new guy” who joined in August, and who old man Mike calls, “Gene, Gene, the dancing machine”, shot a 48/48 today!  He is so excited that he hasn’t stopped talking since.  He finished shooting and was jawing with Barry immediately.  We went for burgers afterwards and was jawing with Wayne so much that the poor guys ears fell off.  He was still jawing with him in the parking lot as we were leaving Wild Horse West.  Mike was sitting at the opposite end of the table, just smiling and chuckling to himself while Gene went on and on…..

It was funny to watch, and it is a rare occasion when Mike laughs out loud.  We couldn’t get Gene to shut up….except when he was eating.  Chawing and jawing.  I can still hear Mike laughing…..

As opposed to the weather we had last week, today was incredibly nice!  Sunny, reasonably warm, and almost dead calm.  The wind did pick up a bit, but nothing over 5 mph and all coming out of the west, to southwest, and with a gentle “build up and gradual decline” to it.  Quite pleasant shooting conditions that we don’t get too often.

We had six shooters today, so we decided to set up 6 lanes / 2 targets per / change at halftime / blah, blah, blah… know the drill.  Lane one was designated offhand.  We used nothing but ½”, ¾”, and 1” inch targets, set out to their max distances, it seems.  That doesn’t give a lot of leeway for hold-off, even in mild wind.  Gene did say that he remembers Mike stating that he didn’t need to hold that much into the wind on one of the shots he missed.  Gene was thinking about that when he held into the wind, then shifted more center, released that shot and dropped the target.

Gene was in the Marine Corps and a member of an STA platoon, and also shot on the Base (29 Palms) rifle team.  He now works for Homeland Security, so the boy does know how to shoot!  After being introduced to field target back in August, he just can’t see to get enough of it.  Enthusiastic?  You betcha!

Besides Gene’s 48/48, here is the rest of today’s line up….

Mike, shooting his Thomas finished with 46/48.

Mark, shooting his D54 (Miss Diana), and Barry, shooting his Redwolf tied with 42/48.

Wayne, shooting his Brocock Sniper shot 38/48.

Scott, shooting his Marauder shot 35/48.

With the smaller KZ’s set at distance, it was challenging, but obviously for Gene, very doable.  We let him keep his scorecard also, just to prove to his wife, Elma, that he cleaned the course.  He probably already has it framed and mounted on the wall…..LOL.  Great shooting!

We are good to go for the remaining Tuesdays in January, but February may be on a week-to-week basis due to construction.  We will keep you posted.  Also, if other club members want to join us on Tuesdays, you don’t need an engraved invitation.  Just c’mon out.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.