Field Target Club

TRAC match – July 6, 2021

First match for July and we will be on the pistol silhouette (P/S) range at BASF from now on.  We had 5 guys shooting today and welcomed Wayne back after his bout with illness.  Unfortunately, Larry had to work today so he was not in attendance.  We were thinking about Gene today, as well.  Since he is back to work, he hasn’t had a chance to shoot in a while, sooooo, we gave him a call during the match, put him on speaker phone, and proceeded to tell him “how much we missed him”.  That was the politically correct rendition.  You can imagine what 5 guys did to his trying to concentrate at work.  We did not regale him for long, let him GET BACK TO WORK, while we leisurely continued shooting.  Wasn’t that nice of us to remember him?

It was warm today, with temps at set up time of around 86 degrees and warming to 99 degrees by the time we were finished.  Humidity was 32%, but fortunately it was comfortable shooting under the canopy.  It was bright with a lot of glare, high wispy clouds with lots of haze.  The wind was anywhere from a “slight” breeze up to between 6 and 8 mph with no gusts, but was fishtailing from SE to SW.  The times when you wish you had a camera, but didn’t were evident again today.  Would have loved to take a picture of the target string making a lazy “S”, with the wind going left to right in front of the firing line, and right to left down at the target, and was quite pronounced!

That being said, it really messed with Mike’s head as he shot 44/48 with his Thomas and took top gun……again.

Barry was closing in on Mike and shot 41/48 with his Redwolf, followed closely by…….

Wayne, who shot 40/48 with his Brocock sniper, followed closely by……

Mark, who shot 39/48 with his TX200 springer, followed closely by……

Scott, who shot 37/48 with his Brocock sniper.

Finished up shooting and were on our way by about 11:00 and then over to Wild Horse West, where once again we thought of Gene.  Mike decided to let Gene know how much we were missing him by taking a picture of his thick, juicy burger with a nice big bite taken out of it.  I am sure he appreciates our thoughtfulness.

We know we will have at least 3 guys next Tuesday.  Some may be missing due to the shoot up in Utah, so if you want to come out and join in the fun, there is always room.

Just got word this morning that fire restrictions in the Coconino National forest have been dropped back to Stage II, so the forest is open and we will keep our fingers crossed that we can have our monthly match at Mormon Lake.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.