Field Target Rules Page

This page is but a brief summary of the of the location of the rules for shooting field target as per the American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA)

For specific rules follow the link to the AAFTA website;

Once on the website, follow links to RESOURCES, then....


AAFTA HANDBOOK - Official AAFTA rules - February 2021


      Common Division 5

      Open Division rules..... page 8

      Hunter Division 8

      World Field Target Federation 10

      Forced position 11

      Pistol 15

      AAFTA Safety 17

      AAFTA Grand Prix 19

The AAFTA website also has a multitude of Field Target specific useful data and information for ALL Field Target competitors. Rather than duplicate all this information to this document, we encourage everyone interested in competing to visit the website and learn about the rules specific to your particular discipline.

If you have any questions on specific rule interpretation, you can always get in touch with us through the CONTACT US tab on the menu bar at the top of this page.  We are glad to help.

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