Field Target Club

Field Target Rules Page

This page is but a brief summary of the rules for shooting field target as per the American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA)

For specific rules follow the link to the AAFTA website;

The AAFTA website also has a multitude of Field Target specific useful data and information for ALL Field Target competitors.  Please visit the site and become familiar with everything that they have to offer.

Please click on the following highlighted topics for specific class rules;

"Common Division Rules" - This is a synopsis of general rules used by all AAFTA classes.

"Open Class Rules" - These are rules specific to the OPEN class

"Hunter Class Rules" - These are the rules specific to the HUNTER class

"WFTF Rules" - These are the rules specific to the WORLD FIELD TARGET FEDERATION class


Airgunners of Arizona FREESTYLE Class Rules - These are rules for shooting the Freestyle class which is only a club level class and not recognized by AAFTA.  To view these rules, click HERE


Airgunners of Arizona also hosts AAFTA Grand Prix competitions that have specific requirements for shooting and range/course setup.  For Grand Prix Rules, click HERE

The links to all the AAFTA rules are taken from the AAFTA 2018 Handbook and are copied here with permission.