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Lake Mary


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Lake Mary

Lake Mary Rd



Perry Lake Pit @ Mormon Lake , AZ

Our summer venue is located about 22 miles southeast of  Flagstaff, AZ on

Lake Mary Road at about Mile Marker 324.5 (it is between 324 and 325)

This is .9 (9/10) of a mile north of the intersection of Mormon Lake Road (at the north end of Mormon Lake) and  Lake Mary Road.

The  access will be at the very crest of the hill where you will find a short, gravel drive and unmarked, rustic, chain link metal fence on the east side of the road.

Open gate, through gate, close gate.  Proceed about 50 to 75 yards straight ahead, then bear to the right and follow either of the gravel lanes (they parallel each other, only  a few yards apart) for 100 to 200 yards to our venue.

This is National Forest Land and otherwise unmarked.  The group of vehicles that are clustered together is probably our group. 

Bring water and be prepared to pack out anything that you bring with you.  We do our best each month to leave the area cleaner and in better shape than how we find it.  Please do your part.

For current weather conditions and  7 day forecastprovided by the National Weather Service, click HERE.