Field Target Club

TRAC match – April 20, 2021

Five guys today under BLINDINGLY BRILLIANT sunshine and clear, cloudless skies.  Temps warmed to 75 F by the end of the match after a pleasantly cool start.  NWS forecast 5 – 10 mph winds out of the east with gusts to 20 mph possible.  That is what it has been the last several weeks.  We ended up with fishtailing winds that rapidly shifted from SSE to SSW and back again repeatedly.  Also noted winds on the firing line moving northeasterly, but impacting the target face going the opposite direction, indicating a swirling direction downrange.  This resulted in a lot of splits today, but also a lot of misjudging distance because of how bright it was.  40 yards looked exactly like 45 yards, and anything past that was a SWAG.

In opposition to last week’s course layout, today’s was the usual 5 lanes / 2 targets per, but with larger KZ’s out at distance.  The wind, coupled with the bright conditions contributed heavily to the scores turned in.

Mike was high man, but with 38/40, shooting his Thomas and being tricked by the sunshine.

Wayne turned in a fantastic 36/40 shooting his Brocock Sniper.

……and then there were the rest of us…..

Barry turned in a 28/40 with his Redwolf

Larry turned in a 26/40 with his CR-X

Mark turned in a dismal 20/40 with his TX200

Oh, well…..there is always next week.  Also, we have our April monthly match this coming Saturday on this same range.  If the NWS forecast is consistent, we should expect more of the same as we had today.  Fun stuff.

We all commiserated over burgers afterwards at Wild Horse West.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman
Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.