Field Target Club

TRAC match – November 24, 2020

After a brief cool-down, then a warm-up, the weather looks to finally be cooling down again.  I was certainly nice today with temps in the low 50’s at set up time and warming to 66 degrees by the end of the match.  The sun was blindingly bright and the sky a beautiful shade of medium blue, AND the wind machine was in full operation.  It blew during set up time, then calmed to almost nothing during sight-in and the FIRST LANE only.  Then, it picked up in tempo with the direction coming primarily out of the west.  It would switch around a bit, just to keep us on our toes. 

Six shooters today, with new shooter Wayne joining in on the festivities.  He never shot a FT match before Saturday.  He showed up, shot the match, got hooked on FT and ended up joining the club and will now shoot with us on Tuesday, seeing as he is retired also.  AND, he is shooting well!

Barry took the top dog award away from Mike today by shooting clean the first half of the match.  Mike missed his second shot.  Here’s how it panned out;

Barry – 37 – shooting his Daystate Redwolf today

Mike – 37 – shooting his black/silver Thomas (the other one is green – yes, he has two!)

Gene – 35 – shooting his Daystate Redwolf

Wayne – 29 – shooting his Brocock Sniper – great shooting!

Mark – 26 – shooting his 12 fpe TX200 springer

Steve – 25 – shooting his Marauder (wind nailed him on second half of match)

Mike brought along two of his targets for us to shoot at; a skinny dragonfly with ½” KZ (dark green with a black paddle), and a black bat with a black ¾” KZ.  Our usual 5 lanes had only one target close (Mikes dragonfly at 18 yards), 5 targets in the mid-distant range, and 4 targets out in the 45 – 55-yard range.  We shot through the course once, moved the firing line (cones) back a few yards, then shot through the second time.

Turned out to be a battle of nerves today for Barry and Mike, seeing how long they could wait for the wind to subside before loosing a shot.  They each figured correctly for all but 3 shots each.  “Uhhhh, guys, We’re waiting……..”

No TRAC matches for next two weeks.  Someone else has reserved the range for those two Tuesdays, but we have requested the last 3 Tuesdays in December.  We will let the membership know when those dates are approved.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Take care, be safe, stay healthy.

Respectfully submitted

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.