After we finished, everything was collected and returned to the storage container and we reconvened at Wild Horse West for some burgers and Airgun talk.

See ya next week.


Mark Kauffman

Secretary and bona fide old fart

Airgunners of Arizona

Field Target Club

Airgunners of Arizona Old Farts League report

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - BASF Pistol Silhouette range

Four weeks have gone by and we have a core group of 6 dedicated old farts who show up and shoot and have a ball doing it.  Once again, they were waiting for me before 9:00, glaring at me with their arms crossed as if I was late or something.  This creaking, well oiled machine had the range set by 9:10.  Amazing!

Again, we set 5 lanes with 2 targets per lane.  We shot 20 targets, shifted them around, then shot 20 more.  What WAS noteworthy was that no one did anything noteworthy to have me single them out this week for special recognition, except that Ben missed his third shot, then ran 37 hits in a row!

It rained on Monday night, and this morning it was cool, in the 70’s with a blue sky filled with big puffy clouds.  The wind did not know what it wanted to do today; sometime here, then calm, then a quick gust, then gone.  It played the back and forth game with created 3:00 and 9:00 splits which are always enjoyable (%$*&#!!!!!).  Most of the time is came on the oblique from behind our right shoulder, then shifted to the left, then back again.  Towards the end of the match it shifted dramatically and came right at us.  Very unpredictable, but gave us something to work on.

Here are the scores for this week…….