Field Target Club

TRAC match – September 8, 2020

The weather is slowly starting to change.  Today the temps were in the mid-80’s at the beginning of the match and only warmed to the low-90’s.  Humidity was still present, and the skies were overcast, thus blocking most of the sunshine.  The sun was just a dull orange orb in the sky that did not burn through the cloud cover.  It was a lot easier on the eyes today.  The weather report called for 5-10 mph winds gusting to 25 mph, but that did not happen.  Winds were mild, definitely evident, but only up to about 5 mph and predominantly coming over our left shoulder.

We had 7 shooters today, with Bill joining us from Lake Havasu City and Gene bringing his brother-in-law, Don, to join the fun.  We set up 5 lanes/2 targets per/shoot through once/move targets.  The second half of the match was all off-hand with one shot per target, so we ended up with a 30-shot match.  Wanted to make sure we were done in time because Bill had an appointment in Glendale soon after the shooting finished.

We ended up with a 3-way tie at the top.  The old man (Mike) was shooting his Thomas in Hunter PCP.  Bill was also shooting his Thomas in WFTF, and yours truly was shooting his Steyr in Open PCP.  We all shot 19/20 on the first two thirds and then shot 8/10 on the final third for 27/30.  I think we all missed the same 3 targets as well.

Barry was shooting his tangerine Brocock Concept and finished with 25/30, Larry shot his Tsar for 22/30 but had trouble with his offhand shots.  Gene was shooting his Red Wolf and scored 22/30 and Don, shooting his Benjamin Akela and joining the club, shot 12/30.  This was his first match ever and he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Also, Gene had several field targets made for himself and donated a small mouse target, with a half inch kill zone, to the club.  He is getting into field target big time and we want to thank him for his generous gift.

We were finished, packed up, and on our way by about 10:30 only to reconvene at Wild Horse West for burgers.  Once again, we were the only ones there at that early hour, so we keep ourselves socially distanced from others.

The only difficulty today was the ability to breathe.  Seems like today was the day scheduled to pump the broken campaign promises from our not-so-favorite politicians from the septic system under the rest rooms……which were directly behind us.  Remember that it was mentioned that the prevailing wind came from over our left shoulder?  The stench was overwhelming.  That being said, the old man (Mike) mentioned that he has eaten meals in the past that smelled worse than this.  Probably why he only has a limited number of things that he will eat.

Oh, well…..until next Tuesday, take care, be safe, and stay healthy.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.