Field Target Club

On Saturday, during the match, the temps ranged from 69° to 74° and humidity in low 50% range.  Winds ranged from 7 – 8 mph with gusts up to 19 mph out of the NNE to ENE.  This according to NWS 3-day weather history.

Jake stated….
 "Well, what can I say?  That was another great day for shooting WFTF, and I'm sure it was for the shooters in HFT.  Van, Barry, and the many other shooters that helped set up the course did a great job.  All the targets had a very clear view of showing the KZ!  Even for us WFTF shooters that are "shooting sitting on the ground!"  Everyone was in good spirits and having a great time.   Next match I'm going to do my best to make it up there on Friday and shoot some Chicken Little.” 

Mary Ann, our club Treasurer stated….
“The best part, and I wish I’d gotten a photo of it, was Barry on his motorbike shooing the cows out of the sight-in range. “

 Here are the scores and equipment stats:

Airgunners of Arizona Match Report

August 19, 2023 - Mormon Lake, AZ

Thanks go to Van, Barry, Kent, John, Andrew, Crystal, and Carl for helping to set up and tear down the course afterwards.  The course Troyer factor was 30.31

Thanks to Van, Mary Ann, Jake, and Kent for commentary and pictures.

Barry Diehl and Van Tucker,
co-match directors

Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.

The crew gathered on Friday to set targets and get the course in shape.  According to Van, “Overcast Friday cool slight breeze, slight wind and rain last eve.”   Friday afternoon saw the “chicken lil” silhouette game contested.  This is supposedly similar to metallic silhouette, using rimfire targets, and shot at 40, 50, 60, and 70 yards from a field target position.


36/40 – Van T

35/40 – Kent G

34/40 – Steve M

34/40 – Carl F

30/40 – Crystal G

29/40 – Andrew W

28/40 – Abby M

25/40 – Scott W

21/40 – John W