Field Target Club

TRAC match report – 2/11/2020 – BASF pistol silhouette range


It rained last evening and all night in Phoenix area.  Some locales got up to an inch of rain, and it was still raining this morning on the way to the range.

BASF almost canceled our shoot due to conditions, and were advised that immediate area around the pistol silhouette range was “soupy” and to be careful driving.

We had 6 shooters participating today.  We set up the usual 5 lanes / 2 targets per / 20 shot total………then usually shot twice.  Not today.  We only had one go-round due to conditions.

It was in the mid to upper 40’s and windy as the dickens upon arrival.  It only “warmed” to 51 F by the end of the 20 shots.  Wind was coming from 11:00 predominantly at 6 – 9 mph but gusting much higher and feeling much colder.  We still gave it a go…

The scores;

17/20 - Mike Smith – Thomas / Kahles / JSB 13.4 (Hunter PCP)

17/20 – Ben Spencer – Redwolf / Falcon / JSB 13.4 (Hunter PCP)

16/20 - Barry Diehl – Redwolf / Sightron / JSB 13.4 (Hunter PCP)

16/20 – Larry Piercy – Tsar / Sightron / JSB 13.4 (Open PCP)

15/20 – Mark Kauffman – TX200 (12fpe) / Bushnell / JSB 8.43 (Open Piston)

12/20 – Scott Hunt – Marauder / UTG / JSB 14.35 (.22 cal) (Hunter PCP)


We will have our regular monthly match on Saturday on the smallbore range.

One last item that needs to be conveyed, and this only because it is the closest that I have ever seen Larry “almost” curse.  While getting ready to devour our burgers at Wild Horse West, Larry was using the squirt bottle to apply ketchup to his burger bun.  One GOOD squirt and he got a little on his bun and the rest covering most of his thumb!

We WERE sympathetic to his plight and showed the appropriate response when we howled with laughter!  Larry wasn’t amused, but lightened up in due time.

Sorry Larry, but that could not go unreported.


Respectfully submitted (sorta)

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.