Field Target Club

Airgunners of Arizona match report

Saturday, August 20, 2022 - Mormon Lake, AZ

Kent Gladden - Match Director





Weather for today’s match was amazing.  Rain left us alone. Started out cloudy and chilly and ended up warm.  It was very green from the wild flowers and the grass. 

(Ed. note; from the national weather service, the temps ranged from the mid 50’s up to the mid 80’s, with humidity around 50%.  The light winds swirled from 3 to 7 mph, with periods of stillness.)

The course was fun and challenging, but not difficult, due the expert help of Steve and Barry, as well as everyone else who helped set up the course.  12 lanes/48 shots.  One cold line.

(Ed. note; the course was set in an “L” shape on the high ground and out of the muddy bog of the parking area.  This from all the rain that did fall in days prior to the match.)

Respectfully submitted,

Kent Gladden, match director

(assisted by Barry Diehl, co-match director)

After the pins were awarded, all the hungry challengers headed to the Mormon Lake Steakhouse.

Thanks to Mary Anne and Peykon for pictures.