TRAC match – September 1, 2020

Jeez, can you believe it is September already?  Also, supposedly the hottest summer on record for AZ.  Well, it was warm today, somewhere in the 80’s but at the start of the match, the humidity was 56%.  That is just a bit muggy.  Although the skies were cloudy and the weather guru’s called for a 20% chance of showers, we did not get any.  As a matter of fact, the skies cleared up and were bright blue and quite sunny.

We had 7 shooters today.  Bobby came down from Camp Verde and Nathan (Doc) came down from Flagstaff.  We set up 6 lanes of 2 targets each for a 48-shot match, but still doubled up on shooters for 3 lanes with Ben shooting by his lonesome.

We had a few 3/8” Killzone sized targets set up today, and with the prevailing wind/breeze coming from over our left shoulders, it made the ensuing pellet launching exercise something to listen to.  For those without sensitive ears, the language was……colorful.

Old man Mike still came out on top with 44/48 shooting his Thomas.  Ben has been practicing with his Red Wolf and finished with 43/48, while Nathan, who also shot his Thomas and “claims” to need the practice, shot 42/48.  He only missed one shot on the second half of the match.

Bobby was shooting his Tsar and finished with 36/48.  Gene, the new guy, was right behind and improving weekly with a 35/48.  Barry and yours truly tied with 32/48 with Barry shooting his Black and Red Brocock Concept and me shooting Miss Diana.

When all was said and done, we had a surprise target challenge.  For the wee fee of $1 for one shot, 5 of us attempted to shoot and hit the spinner on a mouse target.  The target has a 1” kill zone, but only a 3/8” paddle…….and this was set at 50 yards.  One shot to spin it, winner takes all.  Nobody hit it, but some got awfully close, so the club is richer by $5.00.  Of course, the guys sat on the line until they did connect with Nathan spinning that little sucker on his second shot.  Bobby nailed it shortly thereafter, but it eluded the others.  Just some more fun stuff to keep the interest level alive.

Next TRAC match, next Tuesday.  The more, the merrier!

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona

Field Target Club