We have 10 lanes set up with 2 targets per lane for a 40-shot match.  We potentially have room for a LOT more.  Although there is no shade in this area, there is plenty of desert terrain throughout the slightly undulating ground surface.  Lots of places to position/hide/interfere with target placement.  Fun!

The skies were crystal clear and a vivid blue, with no clouds.  The air temps at the start were in the mid-70’s warming to the upper-80’s, but the “breeze” made it feel comfortable.  That “breeze” was 5 to 10 mph winds that gusted into the 20’s at times and came from various directions.  Welcome to Ben Avery shooting range.  The winds started in from the east and swirled inside the right hand berm where lane 10 was located.  Yours truly had the distinct honor of shooting there early, and that lane kicked my butt with 4 goose eggs.  Aaaarrrgggghhh!  It then shifted around coming from 5:00 o’clock and then played games shifting from 5:00 to 8:00 o’clock and then back again.  It would build in velocity, and then stop dead, only to gust again moments later.  Everybody had something to comment about the wind.  It was a fun course.

Here are the scores and equipment stats.  Take note of the numerous tied scores.  Rather than have a multitude of shoot offs, we tabulated the longest numbers of hits in a row, based upon starting lane, in order to break ties.  They are thus shown in that order for finish placement.

Mike S,

Bill C.



We want to thank Ben and Chris for setting up the sight-in lanes, while Larry, Mark, then Ben, Scott, and Chris helped set up the course.  Everyone pitched in to take the targets in so they could be put back in the Conex until next month.

Still keeping social distancing, we had awards and a few club announcements before departing.  It was good to get back out and shooting again, and we did take the necessary precautions to keep our distances.  This can be seen with our group photo.

Next month we “hope” to be at Mormon Lake, but the USDA forestry dept has not yet issued us our lease permit.  Again, everything depends upon the prevention of spread of this Covid-19 virus.  We will adapt and overcome!

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.

Cole, Ben,

Chris (not shooting).

Van and

his daughter,


View looking west at DPS berms.  Lanes are about 20 feet apart and marked with orange cones.  Plenty of room to spread out and maintain social distancing while still keeping the group reasonably in contact with each other.

Airgunners of Arizona May 23, 2020 Match Results

BASF - Rifle Silhouette Range - Phoenix, AZ



Field Target Club

Well, with Covid-19 still creating havoc overall, the state has lifted some of the restrictions and we had to submit a protocol to BASF to show how we were going to maintain social distancing for our match.  With their approval, we had 17 shooters in attendance and eager to shoot again.

We are using the rifle silhouette range with the sight in targets set from the covered firing line, but the course set beyond the short-range impact berms in the desert facing north.  We are shooting facing Black Mountain (the original name of BASF) with the 1000 yard hi-power range berm to our east and the DPS range berms to our west.

As you can see, social distancing is in effect, even with our group picture

Nothing to see down here.  Keep moving



We even set up the sight-in range to accommodate social distancing


Mike K