Field Target Club

TRAC match – March 9, 2021

Hey, we’re back at the rifle silhouette range at BASF.  It is obvious that they made a lot of improvements to the range, too.  There is a new canopy roof (no holes in it), and everything is freshly repainted.  There are reactionary targets on the tops of the berms down range as well.  None of this bothered us, as we were downrange beyond the 100-yard berm, shooting out in the desert bushes and grasses again.

During set up and the early part of the match, the skies were heavy with clouds and looked as if it might rain, but didn’t.  As the match progressed, the clouds broke partially and we had periods of bright sunshine.  Temps started out in the 60’s but warmed to the upper 70’s and was pleasant, save for the wind.  The first part of the match, the wind was out of the east and varied between 6 and 8 mph.  Towards half-time, the winds really picked up to between 13 and 20 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph and shifted from the east to the SE primarily, but had instances of shifting between SE and SW (according to the NWS).  Ferocious was a good way to describe it.  Windburn was the name of the game today between the wind and the sun.  Gene looked like a red beet by the end of the match.

We had 7 shooters today with Joe showing up to shoot with us.  He is a new guy that found the club website and has been following us via the match reports.  He shot with us and then immediately joined the club.  He had a ball.

We set up the usual 6 lanes / 2 targets per / move back at half-time / do it all over again / 48 shot match.  Lane 1 was off-hand the first time through and kneeling the second time through, with a good mix of targets and distances.

As usual, old man Mike shot 45/48 with his Thomas for top gun again.

Gene shot 41/48 with his redwolf and looked like he was burnt to a crisp.

Barry (Basketball Jones) shot 40/48 with his redwolf.

Mark shot 38/48 with his Steyr.  Both spring guns are down with correctable ailments.

Wayne shot 37/48 with his Brocock Sniper

Joe, the new guy, shot 11/48 with his HW97K – YES!  Another springer shooter!

Scott shot 17/24 for the first half, but got a call and had to leave to attend to family matters.  We all hope things work out well regarding his 96-year-old father.  We are thinking of you, Scott.

Was good to get back out into the desert environment again, and the crew did their usual yeoman job of quick set up and tear down.  Everyone pitches in and it takes no time to take care of each.  Gotta thank the guys for all their help.  They seem to enjoy it, especially when someone asks, “who is the so-and-so who set up that $%&#* target that far out?  Seriously, a 63-yard target?  At least it was a 1 ½” KZ.  It got moved in, but not without some good-natured griping……LOL.

We then reconvened at Wild Horse West for burgers afterwards.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman
Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.