TRAC match – March 16, 2021

It is the middle of March and the weather today was absolutely delightful…..if you like flying kites!  It was definitely good for that!  Although a bit chilly, mid-40’s upon arrival and warming to 54 degrees F by end of match, the skies were mostly cloudy with occasional patches of brilliant sunshine.  Those clouds were MOVING, too.  West to east with the winds anywhere from 9 to 16 mph, gusting to 23 mph, and shifting everywhere between the south and west.  Pulsating would be a good description of how it hit us and affected shooting today.  It was definitely invigorating.

We had 6 shooters today, with new piston shooter Joe returning and also seeing Eric join us for the 40-shot match.  Five lanes were set with the usual 2 targets per / 2 shots at each / shoot through once / move firing line at halftime / shoot through again.  Although set fairly long for the first go-through, the target distances were shortened by just a few yards the second time due to conditions.  March certainly came in like a lion.  We can only hope it goes out like a lamb.  We are all looking a little bit wind-burnt from the past few matches.  The targets also took a pounding just to the right of the KZ due to mis-judging the wind.  A little paint and they will be as good as new.

Mike finished on top with 36/40 shooting his Thomas.

Gene was next with 34/40 shooting his Redwolf.

Wayne shot 21/40 with his Brocock Sniper

Mark shot 19/40 with his recently repaired Miss Diana springer

Eric shot 14/40 with his Brocock Bantam

Joe shot 9/40 with his HW97 springer

Sadly, we have to report that Scott lost his dad early yesterday morning and was not with us today.  Also, Mike lost his mother early this morning, but needed the distraction and came out to shoot anyway.  Our thoughts are with these two members.  Please include them in your prayers.

Next TRAC match will be next Tuesday, Match 23 at the rifle silhouette range at BASF.  Gathering time is 9:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.

Field Target Club