TRAC match – October 13, 2020

WOW!  I thought the difference in last week’s temps were much better than all summer, but today they were absolutely enjoyable!  Nice and cool this morning during set up although the wind was blowing hard enough that the wind flags on the high-power range, next to us, were blowing straight out and from north to south.  We all thought that it was going to make for an interesting day.

We finished sight-in and started the match and……..NOTHING!  No wind.  It stopped just light turning off a wall switch!  There was a mild amount, but the abrupt change had us dumbfounded.

We had 6 guys today, with Scott returning, and with Larry on his way to Montana with the AOA van.  Needless to say, he will  not make the match on Saturday.  We set up our usual 5 lanes/2 targets per/shoot thru once/move targets at half-way point/yada, yada, yada.

Top gun again today was old man Mike, shooting 39/40……by missing his last target!  This phenomenon is now known as a Ben Spencer.  It is now called that because Ben did the same thing last week.  Ben came is second with… guessed it…..a 39/40, but missed his shot somewhere in the middle.

Barry shot a 37/40, Mark shot 36/40, Gene shot 33/40, and Scott shot 25/40.  Yeah the wind played a little part only because you couldn’t feel or see any air movement.  If you picked up the reset string, you could definitely see left to right bending of the string, so you knew something was going on down range.

By the way, the shot that Mike missed was a 1 ¼” KZ at 51 yards, with a left to right wind that was a bit erratic.  He puzzled with it for a few moments before releasing the shot and verbally ejaculated immediately upon missing.  I know; I was scoring for him.  We give each other a well-deserved ration of grief, but in reality, it was still some good shooting.

Founders Cup match this coming Saturday at Mormon Lake.  Hope to see you guys there.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona

Field Target Club