Field Target Club

We held our November match on the Small Bore range at Ben Avery shooting facility with 9 Shooters. We had 12 lanes, 2 targets per lane for a 48-shot match. One of them was a standing lane. The weather was great today starting out about 66 degrees with winds from the North around 3 mph. It was nice and sunny and very nice shooting from under the canopy. We finished up the match at about 74 degrees with the wind changing from the South about 4 mph with gusts up to 11 mph.

 Barry Diehl in first place in Hunter PCP with a 46 with 14 hits before he missed with his Daystate, Scott Hopta second place with a 46 with 13 hits before he had a miss with his Daystate. Third place went to Kent Gladden with a 45 shooting his Daystate. 

Wayne Reynolds was the only Open PCP shooter with a 41. 

Here are the scores and equipment stats;

Airgunners of Arizona Match report

November 20, 2021 - BASF, Phoenix, AZ

Editors note; Sorry, no pictures today.  Yours truly had a few family crises to attend to and want to thank Wayne and Mike for taking care of todays monthly match and the TRAC matches for a short while.

Your help is much appreciated.  Thanks, guys!  MK

We want to thank everyone for their help today setting up and taking down the match.  Then some of us went for a burger at the Wild Horse before heading home. All in all, it was a great day!

 Respectfully submitted,

Wayne Mauler, match director