Field Target Club

TRAC match – February 16, 2021

We are back at Casa Crist with 8 shooters in attendance today.  Gene set up 6 lanes with (what has become his signature) small killzone targets set out to their maximum distances.  Hey, it is good practice, so what the heck…..

The NWS called for 5-10 mph winds gusting to 20 mph, but what we got was a bit less than that.  The winds were closer to 3 – 7, were not gusting but did build up and then as they were letting off, we had the usual swirling eddy’s due to the shape of Genes back yard.  It was primarily sunny, but the cloud cover moved in and darkened things a bit from the early glare that we were experiencing.  The temps required a sweatshirt, but warmed as the match progressed.

Once again, Gene had lane one designated as a forced position lane.  Standing the first time through, and then kneeling the second time.  Lane locations and directions of fire are changed each week to take advantage of wind and light conditions.  With plenty of room to shoot, we were treated to a 48-shot match.

Old man Mike – 45/48 – did it again with his Thomas with his only misses on the forced positions.  He did have Gene change out a 3/8 KZ target because it was “malfunctioning”.  Gene was match director so he took care of it.

Gene – 39/48 – shooting his Redwolf

Barry – 36/48 – also shooting his Redwolf

Larry – 35/48 – shooting his Tsar

Wayne – 35/48 – shooting his Brocock sniper and tied with Larry, tie broken by first missed shot.

Mark – 30/48 – shooting Miss Diana and still the only springer.

Dan – 29/48 – shooting his FX Dreamline

Scott – 28/48 – shooting his .22 cal Marauder

After shooting, Gene’s wife surprised us with a pot of sloppy Joe’s and a platter of egg rolls.  Who can say no to that?  Thank you, Elma,!!

Next weeks match will start at 9:00 now that the days are starting to get longer and the sun comes up a little bit earlier.

Respectfully submitted.

Mark Kauffman, Secretary
Airgunners of Arizona, Inc.

OH!  One last item…..

Just got an email from the AAFTA Board of Governors with the announcement of last year’s (2020) Grand Prix winners.

Airgunners of Arizona is proud to have 3 of our members winning their respective categories in the Grand Prix series;

Pat Callahan won Open PCP (rifle)

Lauren Parsons won WFTF PCP (rifle)

Bill Corder, Club VP, won Limited Pistol

Congratulations to these three members for that outstanding achievement.  Their awards are being sent and will be presented in the near future.That is all for now……MK